About us

CECNetworks was founded on the principle of providing excellent service with honest pricing that enhances client business through innovative solutions. For over 10 years, Founder Curtis Cameron has been in South Florida building and implementing I.T. solutions that drive efficiency for clients. Throughout his experience he observed that nearly all outside I.T. service companies follow the same “break-fix” business model. Clients have a problem, I.T. is called and arrives on-site to determine the cause of and hopefully fix the problem while on the clock. Clients essentially end up paying their I.T. company to learn on the job, and because they’re getting paid hourly, I.T. is incentivized to stay as long as possible to do so. Clients suffer lost revenue from downtime, have unpredictable I.T. costs and virtually no proactive plan.

CECNetworks is a dedicated to changing the marketplace. We offer a better way for dental practices, physician practices and small businesses to outsource I.T. with predictable and fair pricing, proactive maintenance and highly experienced service staff.

Certified By:

  • certification chp
  • certification cscs
  • mcsa windows server 2012 certified 2016
  • mcse cloud platform and infrastructure certified 2016
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