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7 Areas of Compliance One Simple Solution

Complete Privacy and Security Management for the Health, Insurance and Financial Industry


Includes Policies, Procedures, Forms, Training, Assessments, Vendor Management, Audit and Breach Management

Built for any size organization

As a complete privacy and security management software that is designed to help any size facility get and maintain compliance quickly and affordably. It’s designed to meet the compliance needs of the smallest covered entity or business associate to the largest Health Care or Insurance Organization.

7 areas of compliance — One Simple Solution

Security and Privacy management

Over 25 tools designed to manage all areas of compliance.

Risk Management

Use our automated, highly condensed Risk Assessment to immediately generate a full report with findings and recommendations. Use the mitigation tool to work through corrective actions and show progress. Print a detailed report.

Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are unmatched. Just 19 of each with nothing left out. All content can be customized to your facility and pushed to staff for affestation. Have your own content? Use our tool to add your own custom content.

Training & Awareness

Use our library of training and awareness courses to get employees trained quickly. Users take courses, complete a quiz and the results are sent to the admin. Need to add your own training? Use our engine to create custom courses.

Vendor Management

Our Vendor management tool helps manage the entire relationship between you and your subcontractors. Push assessments, agreements, training, tasks, and whatever else is needed to maintain the relationship.

Audit and breach Mgmt.

We supply an audit and breach management tool that tracks and manages Audits and Breaches that occur in the company. Simply set up an audit and breach then assign tasks,organize documents, set goals and print reports.

Employee Oversight

Beyond training and awareness, our tool comes with Assess Management, a whistle blower feature and the ability to assign and track custom content created by the administrator. Tasks are scheduled to re-occur yearly.

Don’t Need Our Entire Suite?

Our main components can be used separately

Training Module

Complete Online Training With Reports and Quizzes.

Vendor Module

Efficiently Organize and Manage All 3rd Party Vendors.

Risk Module

The Fastest, Most Affordable Online Risk Assessment.
“The ease of use, the graphic way of tracking my progress through all the many policies and procedures that affect our office give me a sense of confidence in making sure we are compliant. The addition of the Risk Assessment Which part of the basic requirement for medicare compliance.”

Lisa Steinbrueck

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