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Are you a Medical or Dental Office? Do you deal with PHI and ePHI? Are you HIPPA Compliant? Are you sure, or do you just Hope you are? Well If you haven’t performed an Annual Risk Assessment on your organization and can provide documentation of that Risk Assessment, then I can assure you, you are NOT.

Here at CEC Networks, we can help with all your HIPAA Compliance needs. We don’t use scare tactics or buss-words like HIPAA Complainant Backup or HIPAA Compliant Anti-virus as a method to try and scare our clients into buying our services. Actually, those can be very misleading terms. Yes, if your organization’s data deals with PHI or ePHI, then yes, your backup does need to be HIPAA compliant as well as your anti-virus software. However, does having those HIPPA Compliant systems in-place make you HIPPA compliant? The answer to that question is a resounding NO.

Those are just mere drops of water in the ever-growing sea known as HIPAA Compliance. There are over 250 separate policies and procedures that need to be addressed, and that number continues to grow. As HHS identifies new threats and vulnerabilities, they continually make changes to the policies and procedures needed to protect PHI and ePHI. CEC Networks technicians have undergone specialized training at the HIPAA Academy with ecfirst’s industry-leading training programs. Our technicians are Certified Security Compliance Specialist as well as Certified HIPAA Professionals, that can help you achieve your goals of HIPAA compliance. Not only do we offer HIPPA Compliancy products such as backup solutions, Email, and Anti-virus software. We have the knowledge and qualifications to perform in the role of (Virtual Security Officer) for your organization. We can offer a complete Compliance Administration Platform that can tackle all your compliance needs. Do you have a security officer? Is that information documented and accessible? If asked, could your staff answer the question (who is your Security Officer?) Or (Who is your Compliance Officer?), because those are also HIPAA requirements.

HIPAA Compliance is not a suggestion or a recommended best practice, it’s a requirement by law, it’s controlled by HHS and enforced by OCR. The fines and penalties are extremely costly should you be found operating outside the law. Hope is a wonderful thing, We all hope it won’t happen to us, We hope that today won’t be that day! We all Hope, but Remember, Hope is NOT a tactic. Give CEC Networks a call today and schedule a free consultation. WE’RE HERE TO HELP!


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