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September 17th, 2018

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If you read a few articles on cec you’ll start to see a pattern. They hook you with frequent, short and informative posts. Then they attach a variety of related posts to the original. Their goal is pretty simple – they want the reader to get as far down into the site as they can. Hook you, give you more. Hook you, give you more. Before you know it you’re 10 pages into the site and they’ve done their job.

They also use images and video really well – to both add information to the post you’re reading and to get you to move onto the next one.

One of the keys to cec is frequency. They have the resources to update the site all the time. A newbie blogger won’t have this luxury but think of it this way – instead of creating one 400 word post every few days, create 4 posts of 100 words each and find some rich media to go with each. Not a bad way to increase frequency.

Good bloggers have a knack for turning a passing reader into a regular one and for keeping you on the site once you get there. They find ways to post entertaining and engaging content on a regular basis and then tying new posts into old ones. They use imagery and videos effectively and craft the titles of their posts in way that is sure to hook you into reading.

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