Managed IT Services


  • Workstation Monitoring.
  • HIPAA Compliant Anti-Virus.
  • Maintenance & Microsoft Patching services.
  • Health & Performance Reporting.

Desktop Defender/W-Shield is one of CEC Networks core Products. This service has been designed to provide your desktop client workstations with 24/7 monitoring, HIPAA Compliant Anti-virus protection, Health & Performance monitoring, as well as Microsoft & Security, patching services. Desktop Defender/ W-Shield licenses can be added onto any of our membership packages as well as a stand-alone product.


  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring.
  • HIPAA Compliant Anti-Virus.
  • Maintenance & Microsoft Patching services.
  • Health & Performance Monitoring.

Server Shield/S-Shield is another of CEC Networks core products. Server Shield/ S-Shield is an essential tool in CEC’s tool belt. With S-Shield, we will monitor your server 24/7/365, We will protect it With Industry leading HIPAA Compliant Anti-Virus, we will Provide Health & Performance reports that can alert you to any possible problems the system may be experiencing. This way, these problems can be addressed and handled proactively vs. reactively. Don’t Just hope your server is healthy, know your server is Healthy. Remember, Hope is NOT a Tactic.

Data Backup

  • 100 GB $49.99.
  • 200 GB $89.99.
  • 300 GB $129.99.

CEC Networks data backup services are more than just your average cloud backup. With CEC’s years of experience, we understand that the boundaries of (Practice Data) are an ever growing & evolving thing. The times of old, where a simple database file was all that was needed are long gone. CEC Networks will Configure, Manage and Monitor your backup system to make sure working and going through correctly. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario, let CEC Network’s HIPAA Compliant data backup services protect you and your network. We all hope it won’t happen to us, but remember, Hope is NOT a Tactic!.

Monthly Managed Service Membership Packages


  • 100GB of Cloud9 HIPAA Compliant Backup Services.
  • 5 Licenses of W-Shield Desktop workstation services.
  • 1 License of S-Shield server support system.
  • 6 Licenses of HIPAA Compliant Anti-Virus.
  • Backup Notifications.
  • Workstation/Server Health & Performance reporting.


Includes everything from the Core package with these additions

  • Telephone & Remote Support.
  • 15% Discounted On-Site Labor Rates.
  • Remote Workstation & Server Remediation.
  • 200GB of additional Cloud9 Data Backup storage


Includes everything from our Core and Advanced packages along with

  • 1TB of Cloud9 HIPAA Compliant Backup Services.
  • 3 Hours of On-Site Service.

Add-on Licenses of W-Shield, S-Shield and Cloud9 Data backup storage available.

Let’s face it, the expenses incurred due to downtime and loss of productivity from system failures far exceed the costs of proactively maintaining your systems. Most small to medium business can’t afford to employ their own IT staff, However, they also can’t afford to not protect themselves and their networks. With CEC Networks, you can have the best of both worlds. We can be your IT Department protecting your network 24/7/365/at a fraction of the cost. We all Hope that we will never need it, we hope our systems are running healthy, we hope that today won’t be the day are systems go down and we Hope it won’t happen to us. So, call us today to schedule a Free evaluation, we can put together a package to fit your needs and budget, Because HOPE Is Not A Tactic.

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